sending mails fails

hi, some troubles here: sending mails is not possible for me since 1 week. I went abroad and after logging in on the local wifi EM client didn’t send any mails anymore. they are in the outbox and they stay there. what to do?

(i forgot how I can find out which version number of em client i’m using.)

another problem is that em client keeps asking for my password (hotmail/ airsync)  quite disturbing. can i do anything to solve this?

Hi, if you’re possibly using eM Client on a hotel wifi, the local network may be using firewall in it’s network disabling the ability of your computer to connect to your email server.
You can check what version of eM client you’re currently using under Help > About.

The password issue may be related to the firewall issue as well.

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hi Paul,
thnks for your answer. the problem started in a hostel. So your reply seems to match with my situation. but now that I’m back home the problem is still there (mails stay in the outbox, password query still shows up every time). what to do?

 (i run EM Client version


hope to hear from you


still i can’t send mail and EM client keeps asking for passwords (sync/hotmail)
 I 've found a solution for a similar problem 2 yrs ago (on this forum):
Open your account settings, tab SMTP and choose “Use these credentials”
Then replace @ in your user name by % so it looks like “” and let me know if it helps.

Now my question:
When I open my account settings, there is no tab SMTP.
So I can’t try this.

Please, what can I do?

(And: why doesn’t this conversation not appear in the forum conversations?)

Hi again Doortje, you’re using a different type of account, your account does not use the SMTP protocol to send messages, it’s using the AirSync protocol.
Please try to run this update on your computer: and check if the issue persists. If it does, please make sure to check if there are no errors displayed for your account.

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hi Paul, thanks again for your reply. I updated, restarted but the problem is still there. there are no error messages as far I can see. …

Can you please make a screenshot of your current account setup in Tools > Accounts > Your hotmail account?

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Hi Paul,

The mailproblem is becoming a problem for me. Do you think there will be a solution for my problem? Or is it a hopeless case?

Can you please post the screenshot of your account settings?

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hi, I dont want everyone to be able to see my account information. don’tlike it that i have to post it here on the forum is there no other way?

if not, I’ll post it for a short time and hope that it will be long enough for you so that you can have a look on them. and remove them after half an hour. is that ok?

If you’re worried about your personal information, please send the screenshot to with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

thank you - i’ve sent the screenshots to your mailaddres.