sending mail

the sent mails appear in the sent folder but never arrive at any receiver

Hello Martin,
if the message is moved to the Sent folder it means your mail server accepted it and sent the mail.
How d you know that your emails are not being received? Do you get a message telling you that your message was not delivered? Perhaps your recepient’s server send the message to junk folder?
What account does this happen on and what version of eM Client are you running? (exact number in Help>About section)


Hello Olivia
first, I received a message, that the mail cannot be delivered. Further mails to different persons were also present in the sent folder but all persons did not receive any mail from me confirmed by phone. Sending a mail to myself was also not successful.
My account is
eM Client version 6.0.24928.0 running on windows 10 Home

Best regards
Martin Ritter

Hello Martin,
can you resend one of these messages to with a link to this forum topic?
Is there any error when you try to send a mail to yourself?


There is no error message at all. It looks like the firewall of windows 10 even when disabled is blocking port 25.
Meanwhile, I changed to a different mail server using port 2525 and everything is working fine.

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Martin,
glad to hear the issue is resolved, thank you for sharing your solution.