Sending mail not working after upgrade to version 9

Sending mail not working after upgrade to version 9
Version: 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5)

I have temporarily deactivated antivirus for a test, and it did not solve the problem.

I’m sending working e-mail from the mail server online since then (approx ten days).

(I see I cannot write to support)

thank you

Could just be a problem with the account in eM Client causing it and might just need removing and re-adding to fix it.

If you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange, or iCloud (non pop) account, I would then suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and remove and re-add your account and see if that fixes the sending mail problem.

To remove and re-add your account once backed up, go to “Menu / Accounts” and then click on your acct on the left and then click delete / remove along the top. Lastly re-add your account via either the automatic email wizard or manual option depending on your mail server.

If still a problem sending mail, click “Menu / Operations” in eM Client and look for any error messages that appear in the errors and log tabs.

dear cyberzork, thank you
I noticed that it works if I change in SMTP , Security criteria from Forza l’utilizzo di SSL/TLS
to Non usare una connessione sicura