Sending emails can take ages and they just sit in my outbox folder without giving me any hint that they are not getting sent.

From time to time (and rather often) emails that I want to send sit in the outbox folder for hours and as I might deal with many issues at the same time, I do not always check whether the messages are getting out or not. Therefore, sometimes I find out after hours that important emails have not gone out and there is no warning message that there might be a problem to send the emails. I am not sure,  but it seems to happen more often with my exchange server account than with my hotmail account. Can this either be checked, as there might be a faulty system causing this problem or could somebody work on a fix that would at least provide a warning message if a message cannot be sent for 5 minutes or more?

Hi Ingo,
may I ask how is your synchronization set up in Tools>Settings>General section?
What version of eM Client are you running?
What account does this happen with or does it happen to all of them?
Can you copy the Tools>Operations>Log tab here next time an email gets stuck in the Outbox?


Hi Olivia,

I have the problems again, maybe it is linked to emails with attachments? Today I wrote one message with attachment (770 KB only), which is sitting in the outbox for hours. Another message that I wrote afterwards without attachment (bot using exchange server) went out without problems. Finally I had to send it using my hotmail account and it went out.

My accounts are set to synchronize every 5 minutes
I am using version 6.0.24432.0

[Exchange Web Services] An attempt to connect to … failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings…

As for the very long log details, can I send them by email? I do not want to openly disclose information about my official working email address.

Can you give me an email address to send you the log? I have problems sending emails every day now and it is really affecting my work.

And also, I don’t know whether you saw my response from yesterday below?

Hi Ingo,
send the logs to with a link to this forum topic in the message.