Sending Code so it's not interpreted as a Variable

I’m trying to send an email that has a code sample in it. The code sample has a format like: “${title}”.

When I go to send the mail, eM Client tells me that it found a variable and is converting the message to a Mass Mail to send it to everyone.

How can I just send the email as a normal, single email with the code sample in it?

Thank you in advance!

I would suggest putting the code in a .txt file and attach that file.

So in Windows use (Notepad) or Mac use (TextEdit).

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I was actually replying to an email that had the code snippet in it, so it was already part of the email. I guess I could have removed the quoted reply now that I think of it.

I wound up saving it as a Draft, then logging into Gmail in the browser to send it. That seemed to work, though it would be cool if eM had a way to block code out or a way to turn off the mass mail detection.