Sending a web address link

Hi all I new to the form.
I copied and pasted a web address into an email. Than I got a message about spam and it would not send the email. It was late so I shut down and went to bed. Today my email was locked on all devices.
I had to call my mail service to get the accounts unlocked and changed my passwords. Than I had to change the passwords on all my devices. Regardless of the email app / software I have used over the years I have never had this happen. Please help me resolve this issue.
version 9.0.1361 (647eeb3)

Thank You in advance

Pasting a web address into an email wouldn’t normally popup a spam message in eM Client or lock your mailboxes. Sounds like the pop-up spam message was from another program on your computer intercepting / monitoring realtime.

Do you run and optional eg: Antivirus, Malware, Security programs etc ?.

Thank you cyberzork
I have the standard Windows 10 64 security, no third party. To my knowledge nothing has changed except for any software or windows updates. I am going to dig around and see if I can find a change / setting I am unaware of.