Sender icon not recognized

Hello everyone,

I don’t have an icon on an email I get a lot.
Also, I can’t change that in the folder,
“Avatar Cache.f485a48eeb8a2e3c3847e06405f55c90” (C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Local\eM Client)
since this symbol is also not saved.
The domain is:
It appears normally in the Internet browser.
In eM Client it appears like this, see below.



This is because the favicon.ico on that domain is too small for us to consider as a viable display option for an avatar. It is 16x16px which is below our threshold. We won’t show an avatar for that sender, but instead just display the monogram for the sender’s name or address; so N (for noreply@…)

Is there any way I can fix this myself ?
Because these emails are very important to me.
I have the right icon.

If it is your website, you can replace the 16x16px favicon.ico file on the website with a higher resolution one. Try 32x32px.

If it is not your website, you can create a contact in eM Client for that email address, then add an image of your choice as its avatar. That will override the avatar sourced from the Internet, or the monogram, and display the image in the contact instead. It will be specific to that address, so emails from other addresses at that domain will not display that avatar.

This is not my site.
It works.
But only as long as the e-mail address exists.
But I don’t want this address in the address book.
Unfortunately, the icon is not saved in the folder:
Avatar Cache.f485a48eeb8a2e3c3847e06405f55c90”.
Otherwise, I could rename the file and make it read-only.
How about the file:
failed_requests.dat” ?
Could you enter it there, the image file?
(With a SQLite editor)
Or is it possible to hide an e-mail address in the address book ?

It is not there because as I said it is too small, so we can’t use it.

Only once an avatar is sourced from the Internet, do we cache it in those folders. You can’t add you own images to those folders; they need to placed there by our application if it finds a suitable image.

I’m aware.

Do you have any idea how to make this possible ?
If you could hide e-mail addresses or address books ?
This is Swiss Post.
They are definitely not willing to change the favicon.ico.

I have already given you the solution. Here it is again:

I have already understood.