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hi !

windows 10 and em-client 7:

using right click an ‘send to em-client’ option  to send data via emclient 7 ends up in no reaction -  emclient 7 starts but no mail will be created

also:  em client 7 is set as the standard app for mail - but using  ‘send to mail’ ends up in an error-message that no standard mail app is set


thanks for hints to solve these issues


Hello Kurt,
unfortunately this is a known issue with Windows 10, where setting eM Client as default doesn’t always assign all the needed permissions to it.
Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs 
Find eM Client in the programs list.
Click Choose defaults for this program
Assign all needed defaults to eM Client.

If this does not help, I suggest upgrading your Microsoft .NET framework to 3.5 or 4.


hi Olivia !

i did all that Settings and ‘send to’  is now working, but only when i send one Attachement

trying to send more than one file, again ends up in no reaction



Hello Kurt,
strange, I am not able to replicate the issue. Can you tell me what version of eM Client 7 are you running? Check Help>About section for full number.
Alternatively, try upgrading your Microsoft .NET framework or Windows OS (if there are updates available)


em-client 7 is 7.0.27943.0  and .net framework is 4.6    Windows 10 is latest Version with all updates installed 
additional info:

i have a notebook with identical software components - same effect - ‘send to em-client’ works fine for one Attachement but not für more than one --> in this case em-client starts, but no mail is created

simple solution:

not to use ‘send to EM-Client.exe’   but use   ‘send to mail’ …   an everything works fine