"send to"not wotrking

I go to “pictures” right click and “send to”/mail recipient. Up comes attach files. Then attach. Error Message

"There is no EMail program attached to perform the requested action. Please install an EMail program, or if already installed, create an association in the Default program control Panel".

miércoles 19 agosto 2021 :: 2019hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Bert_Whitzman

This is not an issue with eMC, it is because your OS does not have an app associated with email.
You don’t say so I will assume you have Windows 10.
Do this:
Go to Settings in Win10:
->Apps ->Default Apps ->On left select Default Apps ->Set Defaults by App ->Scroll down to eM Client ->Select ->Manage ->this will allow you to select File type & associations where you need:
->.eml, .ics, .msg, .vcf, MAILTO, WEBCAL, WEBCALS

That’s it, although I’ve needed to guess some of it as my system is already set up.

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