Send to emClient stopped working with V9


I have a shortcut to mailclient.exe in my send to folder. It always worked, with a right click on a file it opened a new mail with the file attached.
It stopped working with V9.
I’ve deleted and recreated the shortcut… No joy.
Rather odd, it worked for ages just fine with V8.

Any ideas anyone?

You may need to “reassociate it” in the OS file types again.

Good thought. I tried that.

When I click it, there’s the wee hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing.

Some other sendto need a parameter passed in the shortcut - I tried that too, but there may be some specific settings for that.

If emclient is closed, the right click starts it up, but does not open a new mail.

So it does look like it’s emclient related.