send multiple emails to different people with different content

our billing application opens a new email for 30 or more emails and sends the content of 30 or more emails to EM client but but then i need to click send to send each one for it to send email out.

Hello Albert, unfortunately it is not possible to send a message through the sMAPI feature without hitting the send button, eM Client’s settings do not currently allow this.

can i change this to POP3 and do it. I really do not like IMAP

I don’t believe changing the protocol to POP3 would allow you to workaround this, however you can setup your account as POP3 if you’d rather not use IMAP, however you have to re-setup the account using a new account setup.

Go to Tools > Accounts > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup switch to the mail tab below and select ‘Other’, use the recommended server settings of your mail service and you can setup the account as pop3.

Thank you.