Send Mail via IMAP and move after sending to a Folder automatically

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i’m coming from Outlook and i’m using in Outlook the Option in a not sended Message: Save the Mail in Folder abc.

I’m using emClient 7.2.36908.0 with IMAP.

In emClient i only can move the Mail after i sent it from the Gesendete Elemente into the Folder i want to move it. But it is very comfortable to use the Option before i send the Mail.

Is it not possible to get an option for choosing the Folder to move the Mail in this Folder before i send the Mail? No, it is not possible to work with rules, i read many other Threads for this. Why Outlook can let me choose and emClient not?

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The setting is in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Send.

With this option unticked, the messages will wait in the Local Folder Outbox until the scheduled sync specified in Menu > Tools > Settings > General.

Note that neither of these two settings affect IMAP syncing, so your incoming messages will arrive in real-time as before.

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe i have to correct my question. In Outlook i can *before* i send a Mail, specify the Folder where the Mail should be stored after sending. How i can do this in emClient?

@Gary Curtin
In your Description i have to copy the Mail after writing from Postausgang to the Folder i want to store the Mail. I’m right?


While you are composing an email, it will be saved in the Drafts folder. So if you close the message before you send it, you will find it in the Drafts folder. When you have finished and click Send, it will move to the Outbox, and once it is sent it will move to the Sent folder. That is all done automatically.

If you want to store all your sent messages in another folder other than Sent, then you can create a Rule to move them after sending.

I use this Rule to move sent messages from many accounts into a single Sent folder.

If your sent messages are not appearing in the Sent folder after you send, check that this setting is ticked.

I know what you want tell me, i understand what you tell me, but this is not what i’m looking for.

I want *BEFORE* i send a Mail choose the Folder, where the Mail will be stored. Not every Mail will be stored in only ONE Folder. Each Mail will stored in another Folder. I try to show you some images.

Here the options in Outlook in a Mail that is not send yet.

I can choose the folder where the sended Mail will be store:

I can not work with rules, every mail must be stored in another Folder.

Sorry for Confusion and thanks for your help.

You cannot save a message in any folder besides Drafts before you send it. That is not possible. Well, technically you could manually move it to another folder, but then it is no longer a draft. As I said, a message is saved in Drafts until you send, then it is momentarily saved in the Outbox until it is moved to Sent folder. That you cannot change other than to use a Rule to specify a different folder for your sent messages.

If you want to save messages sent to different people to different folders, then you can do that by Rule.

Unfortunately this is an English language forum so I cannot decipher your screen shots.

I don’t know how it works in Outlook, I just know, I can *BEFORE* sending the mail, select the folder where the mail will be moved *AFTER* sending it.

Can’t this option be built into the emClient? Is it possible to create a feature request?

Sorry, but my Outlook is installed in German, so I had to take the screenshots in German. Is there a forum for the emClient in German, too? Or should I translate the screenshots for you?

No, this cannot be done in eM Client.

In this application sent messages are placed in the Sent folder, or you can create a Rule to have them automatically placed in another folder. 


I don’t know how it works in Outlook, I just know, I can *BEFORE* sending the mail, select the
folder where the mail will be moved *AFTER* sending it.

Do you do this for every mail that you send or is Outlook smart enough to detect recipient  and folder
automatically ?

For eMC it would mean to use Gary’s example as a rule, but you have to create as many rules  as you have most used recipients.

The rule method has the time advantage. You do it once and that’s it.
If you have to do the action with every mail -as in Outlook - that is accumulative.
You spend the time now creating the rules or spend it later (and more) as you do in Outlook…for every mail that you send.


Sorry for delay, i was sick in bed.

@Gary Curtin
Thanks for your help.

Yes, i do this for each mail i want to move in another Folder.

I can not create a rule for every mail.

Is there a place for a Feature Request?