Send mail to all contacts in one category only

Coming from Outlook, I could choose all contacts in ONE category, and send them all a mail, by one click.

How do I accomplish the same in eM Client?

I can, in ‘Contacts view’, sort on the column ‘Categories’. But many of my contact are assigned to several categories. And I cannot see a way to isolate all the contacts in one particular category -  the contacts are sorted, so that all possible combinations of categories are listed as separate groups (unlike in Outlook, where all contacts are sorted in only ONE category at a time).

Hope this description is understandable, and someone can help with a solution

  1. Click on the arrow on the right side of the “New” option to get a drop-down menu.

  2. Click on “Distribution List”

  3. Give the list a temporary name and remember the name

  4. Click on “Select Members”.

  5. On the “Select Contact” window, in the drop-down box labeled “Contact”, select the category that you wish to use.

  6. Check the top box to select all in that category (you can uncheck individual contacts if you wish it to be not included).

  7. Click OK

  8. Click “Save” on the “Distribution List” window (remember the name of the list).

  9. Open “New Mail” and click on “add cc and bcc”

  10. On the “bcc” line type in the name of the distribution list that you created in steps1-8.

I think this should accomplish what you want. Let me know if it helps.

Hi Truls,
I believe using distribution lists as Norman above describes is the best solution for your situation.

Best regards,

Hi, and apologies for not answering before. I will test this weekend and revert with result. But yes, I had looked into that solution, but before venturing too deep, I had hoped there was an easier solution, more like Outlooks automatic one ;-)