Send Later Question

Does the Send Later feature work even when eM Client is shut down, or computer is turned off? And does it work with any email account, not just Gmail?

Hi Mike,

Your question make me smile  :slight_smile:
What is preventing you to test this out for yourself instead of posting your question here
and having to wait for an answer?

A clou lies here:
The delayed Send “command” is saved in eM Client on your computer.
It has not yet contacted an outside server, so this info has not been transferred to
the webmail account…- whichever it may be.

Now re-read your question…

It becomes obvious that it won’t work when eM Client is shutdown or the computer is turned off.

Yes, it will work on any webmail account, provided that eM client is active.
and you have an internet connection and Sync is set to On…

The delayed Send mail is in Local Folders - Outbox and will be sent as soon as
eM Client is active again and the time has arrived or passed…


PS -You can achieve what you describe by using Windows Task Scheduler,
by waking the computer 10 min before the Send “event” and also schedule the task of starting eM Client thereafter.

Read up about how to use Task Scheduler on your version of Windows…

What is preventing me? I’m glad you asked. I don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading the program, making an account, importing my email addresses, downloading all emails, then trying out the program, only to discover it doesn’t send when I’m in the air for 16 hours but not connected to the Internet.

Wow what a ridiculous work around right? To have to do the Task Scheduler function. 

So glad I asked here, rather than going through all that hassle.

One thing to learn from this exchange: people actually do have reasons for posting here rather than “trying out the program.” I hope that got through to you.

Thanks for the feedback - such as it is…

Snarky answers get you nowhere. Your ignorance is showing…
Common sense seems to escape you and also lack of Windows knowledge.

I’m sorry I entertained your question, but I’m sure to blacklist you
if I encounter your name again - wherever it is…

You certainly have one thing correct: I lack Windows knowledge. As a Mac user I really know very little about Windows. And yet, strangely enough, don’t feel the need to apologize for it.

Not sure why you felt the need to say “common sense escapes me”. Is it common sense that Send Later doesn’t work when not connected to the Internet? My current email program, Spark, has a send later that works when not connected. So how is that “common sense” or “common knowledge.”

Rather than your snarky comment here, it might benefit you to respond in the future, “no, you must be connected to the Internet for this feature to work.” It would have avoided any bad feelings you are seemingly having.

Nowhere in your question do you mention that you’re a  Mac user and that Spark seems to do what you were after,

No need to apologize using Mac ,as I won’t - being predominantly a Windows user.
I don’t know how Spark works and how it sets the delay command on the server.

My common sense is, that something that isn’t connected or active , can’t send
a command…

eM Client is a Windows program, although a Beta for Mac is out.

Please explain how Spark does it…

Anyway _I’ll look it up or ask at their forum…

That’s a good question, as I’m not really sure how Spark does it. My thinking is that it stores the email on their servers until the time set for it to send and then releases it at that point. It really is a wonderful feature.

The reason I’m trying to find a different email client than Spark is because its search function is really bad. Since it only allows “conversations” and not single emails, once you delete a thread you can no longer bring up an email that you sent in the “sent” folder, it can now only be found in the trash, since the whole conversation was deleted. 

Anyway, the delay send feature is marvelous, I’ve used it so many times to send an email when I am in the air and not on my computer and 12 hours later, when I land, the email was sent at exactly the right time. If only its search feature was better Spark would be a perfect email client. 

That’s why I was looking at emClient, but see that it handles send later differently, so I cannot use it. 

Thank you for your input.

Thanks for the feedback.Very interesting…

" My thinking is that it stores the email on their servers until the time set for it to send and then releases it at that point." 

I agree or it uses the built-in Mac "Task Scheduler " to wake the computer and goes through the steps as I described for Windows Task Scheduler, but in a more streamlined way.
If that’s the case, I admire their coding…
Anything can be done with clever scripting.

Too bad you can’t unset conversations - which is unusual,
but what do I know? Both mentioned “features” are not familiar to me 
in Windows based mail clients…

Apart from that - If you were talking about eM Client for Mac,
I wouldn’t use it just yet. it’s not quite up to snuff…,
but a Mac user would be able to give a better opinion about that…

Tried to add the following, but this page wouldn’t accept the edit:

Is your webmail set to conversations ?
What happens if you set it to " Conversation View Off"?
Does Spark then show (collect) single emails?

I don’t use webmail, I just use the Spark application, and it does not have a “Conversation View Off”, it only allows this grouping of all emails with an identical subject. It’s quite cumbersome. I’ve asked support about it and I got the form response, “Spark currently does not allow single email display, only conversation grouping…”, etc. So long story short I just have to live with it. Other than that it’s really an excellent program. Thanks for the suggestion and thinking it through with me.

Thanks for clearing that up, but do you collect mail from  gmail,or other webmail based acounts? Those accounts can usually be set to Conversation View On or OFF
even if you normally don’t physically log into them via Safari…

BTW , I found the answer to the delay question.

Send Later

So, it is stored on their server… which is a very good method
and more reliable than a device based method that could suffer
a power outage…

Ah I see what you mean; yes I use Gmail but when I set them to “Conversation View OFF” that seems to only affect what I’m viewing if I check Gmail on the Gmail website. It doesn’t seem to make any difference how those emails are presented in Spark; they all come conversation only. 

Wow can’t believe you took the time to find that statement about the emails being stored on their server, thanks for looking it up. I suspected that was the case, and it truly is a wonderful feature. One of the cool things I do is write love notes to my wife and delay their sending until I’m in the air and know she will be home. It’s a fun surprise. 

Thanks for the feedback.
Ha ha, Noticed my nick and avatar ?

Anyway, I use a - despite my madness - method, to separate conversations.
and add a suffix number or short word to the subject, when I expect that the exchange may result in a longer conversation.

That way it’s no longer exactly the same subject and by rights should not be grouped…
Whether or not that works for Spark , I don’t know…

I also ask my contacts not to delete the suffix, but to change it to a consecutive number. Some do - some forget teehee

Thanks for the upvote…

BTW - Your (this) request came on the scene 6 years ago and finally changed and works,but not like Spark.…

Also feel free to delete his whole thread if you want…
the good. along with the bad and ugly…
Only you, as the OP, can do that

I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot and I can’t edit the less flattering parts.

Take care…


Oh sure, I’ll delete it (if I can find out how to do that), and likewise sorry to get off on the wrong foot, sure didn’t mean to. I’ll look for how to delete this one and look forward to talking with you on another.

I’ve been looking around and it probably isn’t as easy as seeing a “delete thread” button, as I sure can’t find that. I don’t see any way to delete the thread, do you happen to know how to do so? I do see a “remove” right above this post but since it’s next to the “edit” button I’m thinking that just applies to that one post; I can either edit it or remove it, but not the whole thread.

Sheesh, technology and I don’t get along :). Any suggestions?

Sorry for the hiatus.
Does your 1st post have a Remove ?
If so - removing it, may collapse the whole house of cards…

Failing that - Up in the header of the page, you’ll see your login name.
Click the arrow and select Profile.
In the left sidebar you can delete your profile.
That deletes all the info.

I doubt you will use eM Client, so it may not matter.

For contact  use  “nick”     (interpret…)