Send from different address that's not an account in emclient

In Outlook I could send from any address I wished to type in the from box while it actually sent it from my real account. How can I accomplish in emclient without setting up a new account for that address?

I set up a ton of forwarding addresses on my mail server all forwarding to my main account. In Outlook I can Send From any of these but my main account actually handles the traffic.

Can I send from an alias on the fly?

eM Client does have an alias feature, but the addresses need to be setup in advance. You can then choose any of your aliases when sending or replying to an email.

Unfortunately you won’t find anything by searching the help file. The settings are in Menu > Tools > Accounts > General > User Information > Aliases.

This works the same as in Outlook by replacing the Reply-to address in the mail header, unless you have a corresponding alias setup on a service like GMail. Then the From and Reply-to addresses will be changed, maintaining the Sent-by address from the main account.

That will work. A little work up front but I can add the handful of most used alias’ and pick which one on any reply.