Send From Accounts Not Showing Up

I have the Pro version 8.2.1659 (845a639). I have 5 email accounts added, but when I try to send a new email and select the send from account, only two of the accounts show up. I’ve tried selecting the inbox from the account I want to send from and clicking on new email but it just defaults to one of the accounts that already appear in the ‘send from’ list. I’ve deleted one of the accounts that don’t show up and re-added it but it doesn’t appear then either.

Out of curiosity, can you click Menu > Help > License and tell us what “License type” contains.

Actually, I may have it figured out. In the services available for the email accounts that don’t show up, only IMAP is available which looks like it would prevent these accounts from being able to be send-from accounts I believe. These were auto-configured by putting in my email address (I own the email server). The hosted email server is currently having issues with delivering email to the accounts in question which makes me think it’s on the host’s end. I will update you if not.

To answer your question though, it says, License Type: Pro with Lifetime Upgrades. Thanks for the quick reply.