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In MS Outlook I can receive but not send email when I’m abroad. Is it possible to send email with emClient when I’m abroad?
Roar E. Krogstad.

Hi Roer, yes this should be possible using eM Client, however note there might be some restrictions applied by e.g. the hotel you’re staying in or a free wifi restriction disabling your ability to send messages.

If an online filter or firewall is present in the network you’re connected to, you might not be able to send or receive email using any email client. However, eM Client works with all current email accounts using either IMAP, POP or the Exchange or ActiveSync protocol for synchronizing it’s items with the client.

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Hi Paul and thanks for your early reply.

When I’m abroad, I’m staying in my own apartment where I can receive email but not send with my POP3 account with MS Outlook.
Please let me know how I can configure eM Client to do the job.
Thanks in advance.

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I think this is a function of your service provider. When you are at home, you are on a network understood by them. Abroad, you are using the public internet and they don’t like just anyone using their service. I pay extra for this feature with my service provder.

Alternatively change your email to use a public one like Gmail or Outlook/Hotmail.