Send email with other account


on emclient i have a account and i need to send e-mail using my business [email protected] account. I already configure an alias on emClient account but when i send mail the mail arrive with field “to” correctly with [email protected] but the “reply-to” is with account.

How can i do to have also a reply to with [email protected] ?

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Hello, this is unfortunately a gmail feature of the connected accounts, if you’re sending messages using an alias from eM Client, the application actually includes the correct reply-to address in the message’s header -> you can check that by right clicking your sent message and display the header’s source.

Gmail’s servers however detect the connected account and use a different reply-to address of the default account. You might however be able to change this reply-to address in your gmail server settings using the online settings.

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Hello, where i must change ? On settings of my account on i don’t see anything to change reply-to behaviour ?



Hello Filippo, I’m not completely sure about this, check with your mail server support in order to resolve this issue.