Send email next day or at a certain time

It would be really great if we could set a time for emails to be sent I do a lot of work off business hours and can’t send the email at that time. However if I could tell Emclient to send this email a certain time for a specific time zone that would be very helpful. I think many users would make use of this feature.


Hello Michael,
this feature is actually already implemented in the upcoming version 7, as you can see on our blog.
Version 7 is currently in BETA testing phase.



Thanks this is really great news! When do you figure version 7 will be out of beta.

Hi Michael,
we do not have a time estimate just yet, we are currently finishing a second version of the BETA for another wave of public testing.
The release date of the final version will depend on the stability of the program.


any way for us to still test it the download for the beta seems to have expired and will only run in offline mode?