Send email does not go to outbox

Whenever I send an email via the server it does not goes immediately to the Outbox. I have emclient 7 set to not send email immediately. I find that if I try to exit emclient a message appears advising that an email is in the Outbox,. Do I wish to exit Yes or No? If I select NO the email suddenly appears in the Outbox. In other words the email does not appear in the Outbox until an exit is refused. This is an odd behaviour. Why is it so?

I have 4 emails with attachment that have not sent … it says they are in outbox, but when I look there it is empty … they’ve disappeared completely. As you say, try to close and it says emails in outbox … but mine will not send at all

does this issue still happen even in the latest version of eM Client?
Please download the latest version of eM Client here -
Current version is 7.0.27744.0, you can check the full number of your current installation in Help>About section.


Olivia, as I uninstalled and then installed on that day, surely the latest version would be installed ?? You have already replied to me in other post about this issue when I gave that version as the one installed

Hello Dave,
this was meant as a reply to the original poster of this thread and the issue seems to be a bit different to yours.
Please keep solving your issue in your thread to avoid duplicates and confusion.


Hi Olivia,

I keep receiving the below error message every time i try to send an email, I have contacted our server and they have confirmed there is no problem there.

Can you help please?

Thank you