Send email by account alert

It would be really nice, when composing a new email, if the account that was selected was more obvious. Yes, I know it’s right there at the top of the email, but the small regular font, just blends into the background, leading me to occasionally (when working quickly) send emails from the wrong account, which is not good as I use emClient for work and home. Could we have a clear color coded button at top to select account? Better yet, an optional feature that users can choose to toggle on that requires you to select (or confirm) which email account you what the email sent from?

Suggest to then “change the Theme” which will then stand out more.

You can do that via “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes”.

Or there is alot of user created custom themes you can use as well via the following link.

Themes | Custom Themes from Our Users | eM Client

Lastly you can also create or customize your own Theme via the Theme editor.

How to create or adjust my own eM Client theme? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software

You can disable pre-selecting an account, so you always need to choose it yourself.

Then, when you start a new message, it looks like this: