Send e-mail on scheduled time

As a previous user of Outlook, we send e-mails on a timer schedule. Is this feature available and if not will it be considered for the future.

Hi Nick, unfortunately this feature is not yet available in eM Client, although it is under consideration and should be implemented in future releases of eM client.

Thank you for understanding,

Is there any update on whether EM Client will be offering the feature of scheduling e mails to be sent at a future time?

This feature should be included in an upcoming release of eM Client.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul,  I’ve just updated the latest release of EM and I can’t see this feature, anytimeline on this - scheduling e mails to be sent at a future time



Hi Brian, as I suggested the feature will be included in future releases, no exact version nor date has been set for the feature, please be patient. It should be a part of the upcoming release of version 7 not the current update.


Thanks Paul I look forward to it