"Send" dropdown in New Message contains only few email accounts

Just loaded eM Client and so far my evaluation is going great (haven’t paid for a license yet), except:
The “Send” dropdown in New Message window contains 1/2 of the eligible accounts loaded (combination of Gmail and Hotmail accounts). I must be doing something incorrectly ? I need to ability to send emails from any of the 10 accounts loaded into eM Client. Must be user error… Please help…

eM Client: v9.2.2157 (5b49542)

Sounds like “Airsync” might be possibly missing off the accounts that are not available in the dropdown when you compose email.

Go to “Menu / Accounts” (Pc), or “eM Client / Accounts” (Mac). Then click on the Accounts / General tab and Scroll down to Services and see if AirSync is enabled.

If it’s not,check that box and save accounts. Then close and reopen eM Client & that should fix it.

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Yes, Thank you !
That was it… what is Airsync ? and why did it default off ? I never touched that setting…

What is Airsync

AirSync allows a mail client to synchronize its Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts data in the user Account on the server. The protocol also allows a user to synchronize some or all of its E-mail mailboxes, to compose and send E-mails, Event invitations, and Event replies.

Why did it default off ? I never touched that setting.

I don’t know why it was not enabled or became disabled only that some users have found it was disabled in their account setups.