Send cancellation - longer than 10s

Is there any possibility to extend the send cancellation to e.g. 30s-1min? Thx

If you are wanting to extend the smtp timeout due to eg: your smtp server has current or known issues, then you can try the below which may help you.

Extract from @Grofit from th following thread.

Quote extract from above thread post:-

“To do this you can go to your account settings and then Advanced Options tab the bottom of the Diagnostics page, and in the Parametersfield enter the following:

--smtp-timeout 3600 --smtp-initial-timeout 3600

I think 3600 here is the value in seconds, so we are saying wait 1 hour (60 seconds * 60), so you can set this to whatever interval you want, I have not done any in depth evaluation of the timeouts but I can see now that it is not erroring out as it did before, as the logs end with this now”.