Send As Functionality

I currently have my gmail set up with multiple accounts so I can choose which account to “Send As” when composing an email. Is there a way to do this with eM?

Hi Brian,

I guess you can do this using ‘aliases’ in eM Client.

Tools > Accounts

and then click on the [aliases…] button.

screen shot:

Hi Brian, exactly as Hans suggested, if you have the accounts setup in gmail, you have to setup an alias for the account in eM Client using the shown button in Tools > Accounts.
When you save the setting, the from field will let you select the alias as a from address.

Hope this helps,

Perfect, that did the trick, thank you guys!

I have one more question if you don’t mind…Is there a way to have different signatures automatically attach depending on which alias I’m sending an email from, or do I have to manually add it each time?

Hi again, unfortunatel signatures can currently be only assigned to the original email, but we’re considering improving this for future releases.

Thank you,