send and recieve together and no days

Is there a way to

  1. not have messages divided up into day, just one listing.
  2. have my sent and  receive messages from the same person, linked together?

1.  Absolutely.  Right-click at the top of the message list and select “Show in groups”.

2.  You can use the “conversation mode” (menu/tools/settings/mail/read “Show conversations in all views”).  This will link messages together that are directly related to each other (not just to and from being the same).  In the same dialog box I discuss above, you can sort the messages anyway you like, including using a primary and secondary sort.

Ok I had “conversation mode” (menu/tools/settings/mail/read “Show conversations in all views”). already chosen, but I dont have “Show in groups” coming up at all.

Right-click at the top of the message list.  This shot shows a bit more geography for frame of reference:

Thanks for your help, I seem to have worked it out now.
I have one more question:  Can a copy of my sent messages also stay in my ALL INBOXES as well as my sent folder , or instead of my sent folder?

Pretty much, that’s what the conversation mode does.  It puts related emails together and shows both received and sent emails.

its only sending them to the sent folderr