Send Again command

I would like to suggest the inclusion of a Send Again command. (Outlook has one but I’m not holding that out as a benchmark.)

I don’t need this function very often but when I do it’s very useful. I have four circumstances where I use it.

(1) When I’ve made a mistake in the email address in the original and it wasn’t delivered,
(2) When I forget to include someone in the CC list and have to send them an individual copy,
(3) When I have to send slight variations of the original,
(4) When I have to send a reminder to someone that has not replied to the original post.

Send Again is different to Forward.


this is already implemented, open sent email in new window (double click or right click - open). Near “Forward” is little gray arrow pointing down, click on it and select “Forward as Original”.


Thank you Jan, I did look but didn’t notice it under ‘Forward’. I’m very new to eMC and slowly learning where to locate the features I use in Outlook.

I did try searching the online user guide and looking through the TOC but no mention of ‘send again’. Of course I now know the term is ‘forward original’. Will this be an issue for other users planning to switch from Outlook?

This product is really good and one of a kind.

Thank you for your positive feedback. We try to do our best.


I know this is a Implemented/old issue…but when clicking forward as original it does not populate the information that was originally sent.  You must re-enter all of the To, Cc and/or Bcc info again.  I know it’s a minor compliant…but why?   Am I doing something wrong?


Forward as original is meant to simulate an entirely new email - including entering addresses again. The fact that you have to enter them again prevents sending the same message to the same recipient by mistake again, as it is with all types of forwarding. 
We might consider making it a toggleable option in the future however.


I am new user of eM Client and this missing function just popped up immediately. So I also would suggest to just make an additional choice with “Send Emali again”.
The argument with wrong To, CC… is not valid competely, because I often have to resend emails with correct adresses, just becaue the receient deleted it e.g.

Ditto New Version and still no Send again just the Forward as Original which means you need to re-populate all of the information again…