Selective folders sync of Gmail in em Client

I added Gmail in eMClient and i would like to sync selective folders from my Gmail instead of all folders and all emails.

All i want is to not sync some folders to save my hard drive as i have limited space on my Harddrive and Gmail is having some emails that are years old that i dont want to sync.

Can you please help me as i’m new comer to eMClient coming from Windows Live Mail.

So how do i do selective folder sync?

Thank You

You can’t selectively sync Gmail folders with eM Client. Well that is not exactly true; you can hide folders from IMAP so they will not show up in eM Client, but the way Gmail works is that all your email except for trash and spam, is stored in the All Mail folder. This folder needs to be synced with eM Client otherwise you will not receive any email. So even hiding certain folders will not make any difference to the space used on your computer as the All Mail folder will still need to sync.

What does make a difference is if you have set your account to download content for off-line use including attachments and images. If you enable that, the full email and it’s contents will be downloaded to your computer. If it is not selected, only the header information will be downloaded. It can make a very significant difference. Like instead of GBs of data you will only have MBs.

You can check the settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the IMAP tab for your account you will be able to toggle the setting.