Selecting multiple (google) calendars slow


I am syncing my google calendar account with em client (v. 8.1). My google calendar account contains multiple single calendars (my personal one, the calendars of colleagues, etc.)
I can easily and fast switch between calendars by clicking on the different calendar names.
However, as soon as I select multiple calendars by ticking the checkboxes besides the calendars em client freezes for ~10 seconds and only then displays the additional calendar. The same things happens when I uncheck a calendar. The behavior is not dependent on the number of selected calendars, it appears as soon as a select a second calendar.

The behavior was introduced some time ago - it used to work smoothly. Unfortunately I cannot say exactly when it started, I tolerated it for some time, hoping it would disappear with an update - which it didn’t.

Thank your for your help.


I do know that when you tick a calendar it will immediately sync that calendar with the server, so there may be a slight delay, but I have not noticed a delay beyond a second or so with my Google Calendars. I have not noticed any delay when unticking a calendar.

You can look in Menu > Operations for any calendar related errors in the Log tab.

Gary, thank you for your response. Indeed em client is syncing when I tick a calendar, however there are no errors.
I doubt that syncing is the reason for the delay, however, as the delay is occuring also when un-ticking a calendar. According to the log no syncing is happening here.


You did not say what version of 8.1 you are using. If it is not the latest listed in the Release History, maybe you could update and see if there is any difference.

I am using the latest version (8.1.876)

Sometimes reinstalling eM Client can help.

Uninstall eM Client making sure NOT to delete the database directory when asked, then download and install the latest version again from the Release History.

See if there is any difference.