selecting an email, right-mouse and then choosing: "move to junk and blackmail domain"

Small annoying problem:

Selecting an email, right-mouse and then choosing: “move to junk and blackmail domain”
does not remember request, so next time same sender does not go to “junk” as requested.

Is there a special setting for this? Manually entered rules seem to work. Thank you!

Great application otherwise!!!

What version of eM Client are you using?

Can you please confirm that after right-click and move to junk and blacklist domain, that the domain is not present in the blacklist.

The blacklist is in Menu > Tools > Rules. Select the Blacklist, and choose Modify Rule. There you will see a list of the addresses.

Yes it is. One example below where email was moved to “mags” rather than trash. There is no entry in “mags” that resembles the item in blacklist. Pics attached.

It would be nice to allow export and import of these rules to text files (csv, JSON or XML) for easier editing.

Thank you!

From your screenshots that should work. Are all emails from domains in the Blacklist going to mags?

You can export Rules to XML, but I don’t think you will find it easier to edit. Go to Menu > File > Export > Export settings to .xml file. On the next screen select only Rules. To import use Menu > Files > Import > eM Client settings (.xml). The import of Rules does not replace existing Rules, just adds the imports to the list, so you will need to manually delete the older ones.

Hello Gary,
Thank you for responding so quickly.

The behaviour is “flaky” some do, some don’t - haven’t established a pattern yet.
Would be great is import had a “replace” option. Notepad++ has very powerful tools to manipulate JSON and XML. Very little beats easy “copy&paste” functionality.

I would be willing to consider the “pro” version if you guys could get this working *reliably*. It is also important to be able to re-sequence the rules to allow the user to control the execution priority. Anything else is a lousy waste of time!

Thank you.

I have been lucky in that I have never had any problems with Rules, and I use them extensively.

You can change the order in which the Rules execute, by moving them up or down in the list.