Selecting addresses from contact list


When I want to send an email to 10 people and I am using BCC, I hit the BCC box and the contacts list appears for me to select the addresses. In WLM there were check boxes to mark however in EM there are no boxes? Can I select multiple addresses and hit “OK” or do I have to select each one individually? If I can select more than one how is this done?

Thanking you in advance.

PS: I noticed when typing this note the “tab” does not work? IS there a problem here?

You can double click on each address, and it will be added to the Bcc box, or can use Ctrl+click selecting those you want and then drag the selection to the Bcc box.

As far as I know the Tab key has no function in this box on

Hey there Gary…Thank you very much for the very helpful and timely response! Much appreciated!