Selected Items Counter needed

This may not matter to most users, however for users with 1000’s of emails in their folders like me, It would be a benefit to have a “Selected Items counter” - I’d like to see the # items I’ve selected in a range (click, shift+click) 

I sometimes need to know how many items I’ve selected to move items from one folder to another.

This could be added at the top of the page with the existing counters.

[email protected] (0 / 0 / 347488) - eM Client.

I really do have 347488 emails in that folder :slight_smile:

Hello Kester,

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion. This feature is not planned for implementation for the nearest updates. That however does not mean that it never will be, as our developers consider features depending not only on what we believe is the best course for our software, but also what users ask for the most. If other users appreciate this idea, I’m sure it will get attention.