Select more attacments + drag and drop

After the upgrade to “9.2.1553 (a89d101)”. It is not possible to select more attachments and drag and drop them to File explorer or to another (new) message. If I select more than one attachment (or all) in message and try to drag them anywhere, it deselect all of them and copy only one. It makes me mad, especially when I need to save subsets od 20 attachments to different local folders, so the “Save As” function is not the fastest way to do it. The drag and drop was much more flexible. The same situation at 2 different PCs. I use “PRO + Lifetime upgrade” license. Is it general problem of this release? Is there some plan to solve this issue?

This issue has already been addressed and the fix will be in a future release.

OK, thank you for prompt answer. I hope the next release will be available soon.

After upgrade to newest version 9.2.1553, if you have multiple attachments in email and you try to right click on them “Select All” it will select them, then you want to right click again to hit “Copy” it will select only the one that you right click on. So you have no way to select all attachment and copy it, only one by one. It works before.
Can you please look at that?!

Thanks a lot

I have the same problem and I also hope for a swift update to fix this.