'Select Contact' dialog box -- non-working 'Add' control

(eM Client version, Windows 10)

I keep wondering if my mouse is haunted or something. When I open the " Select Contact" dialog (with Control+B), I see a handy — or what should be handy — icon at the upper right of the dialog: " Add…".

I’d hoped that would work. Adding an email recipient is a bit troublesome within the standard contacts list. The email address field is not visible at first. Using the Tab (or right-arrow) key to get to it does not cause the list to scroll leftward or rightward and there’s no keystroke for “scroll left or right” that I know of. Thus I’m stuck with that nearly-invisible horizontal scroll bar. Altogether a bit of a no-win situation.

The problem is, clicking the " Add…" control in the dialog box has no effect whatsoever. It isn’t a button — it’s just a label.

But is anyone Out There able to use that control?