Select conditions for the rule...where is the 'or' / 'and' option

When I select multiple conditions to create 1 rule and want each condition to be ‘or’ not ‘and’, I don’t see the option like we used to have on earlier versions to choose.
Does this mean I must recreate the same rule multiple times for each different condition I require in order to have each condition be an ‘or’ command?

We still have OR, AND and NOT options. Here is an example:

But it depends on what you are trying to do. Can you give the conditions of the Rule you want to create?

select conditions for the rule:
‘from people’
‘with words found in body or subject’
In the rule preview it ends up looking like this:
from people
and with **** found in body or subject

I want it to look like:
from people
or with **** found in body or subject

Unfortunately we don’t offer that option. You will need to create multiple Rules.

So you would need some that say:
From people, except with words in subject.

And you would need to some that say:
With words found in subject, except from people.

Earlier versions of EmClient did have this option too bad it got dropped…can it be brought back?

Rules haven’t changed other than to add a few extra options.

I seem to recall Gary that it changed about a year or 2 back. The and / or option was a hyper-link, when clicked on, it would cycle from ‘and’ to ‘or’.

No, that must be another application.

Perhaps it can be suggested to introduce it if it never was in the first place…but I’ve been using Em for over 10 years and I definitely remember having this option…thanks for your reply.