Select all does not work in search box

If I am searching for an e-mail using the search bar in the upper right corner, I may type in a search string and then decide to delete it. When I press cmd+A to select all, instead of selecting the search string, it selects all the e-mails in my inbox which slows down my client for a few seconds. cmd+A should “select all” text in the search bar when my cursor is active in the search bar.

The same thing occurs when I try to save an attachment. A dialog box will pop up to ask me for the location and name of the file to save. If I cmd+A to select the entire filename, it will instead select all messages in my inbox.

This is frustrating because the alternative is to either use my mouse or to hold backspace, both of which interrupt my workflow.

I am on a mac using emClient 8.2.1687 (bf522f0)

Thank you

Move the mouse to the search box and click. Then use ⌘ A

Again, you are not in the Save As box, but rather in the folder selection. Click on the Save As name, and use ⌘ A

Hi Gary,

I can confirm that my cursor is in the correct spot. I moved my mouse to the search box and clicked on it. I can use the arrow keys or edit my search query. When I press cmd+A, it selects all of the messages in my inbox.

The same is true for the save as dialog. When I click ‘Save’ by default the filename is selected but my cursor is not active. If I click in the textbox, the filename becomes unselected and cmd+A will select all of the messages in my inbox.


I am now noticing that cut (cmd+X) and paste (cmd+V) do not work either.

All of these shortcuts work as expected when composing a new e-mail (which includes the the to:, subject, and body fields)

What version of MacOS are you using?

macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Can you update to 12?