See screenshot...not sure what this means....I don't know what settings to look for. Calendar sync issues.

Calendar sync is a little sketchy sometimes and this message keeps popping up randomly. I don’t know what settings to check/look for. Also, I have set my account up as an exchange account (as discussed in other posts) because I had problems with syncing the calendar but why is there an icon/option to set up as an account if it doesn’t work?? The calendar didn’t sync, then this message popped up and then it did sync…weird…not trusting the calendar sync yet. It also took me a lot of time and effort to find the post about setting it up as an exchange account. I want to buy premium because I really like the program but won’t do so if the free version has glitches. Hence, I don’t have pro support…sounds like a chicken and egg story. Anyway, hope someone can shed some light, thanks.