See mail on server ?

I am used to see new mail directly on the Server. I can read and delete them. The following cilents do this:
Foxmail, Dreammail and the Bat.
Thanks for answering.

Hi Wolfgang, I’m not really sure what the question is, but what you’re describing is a standard email client feature that is available in eM Client just as well as in these other listed applications.

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Hello Paul,
I am not sure  if we talk about the same. Many  clients cannot do what I mean.
I want to see all mail which are on my mailserver. There I can see  the headlines and also the hole message.
So I can decide to delete the (f.e. Junkmail) or give them free for download.After having done that I push the dowload button to get the mail ( not the deleted off cource) on my laptop.
I could not find this feature in emclient.
If it has tell me please where.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi again Wolfgang, not really sure what you’re referring to, receiving and sending emails is a basic functionality of every email client. If you’ve just downloaded the application you should be seeing an option to automatically setup your existing account. Please do so, insert your email and password and let the application setup the account.

Once the account is setup you should see all your mailbox folder in the left sidebar and if you’re looking to see newly received email just open the “inbox” folder.
If you’re looking for a way how to download a newly received email you can use the “Send and Receive” button. However note that IMAP accounts are constantly in an IDLE connection and if a new message is available on the server it’s immediately downloaded.

Hope this helps,

Hello Paul,
it is really difficult to explain. So believe me that I know how to download and I kow that the mails are in the inbox. And off course this is a basic feature of email clients. That is not what I mean. But where can I see the mails I will get before I press the download button in my client.  You might say must download the mail to see them. But I dont want to download them. I want to check in to the mailserver of my provider and see the new mail there and delete the mail I do not want. Note: At this moment I have not downloaded any mail. It is a preview of all mail I will get, when I press the dowload button later.

I hope you understand now.

Hi Wolfgang,

If you want to see the e-mail as it is stored on your mail server, without downloading those e-mails, you have 2 options:

* use webmail (so log in to you e-mail server using a web browser)

* setup your e-mail using IMAP and disable the option to ‘download messages for offline use’. You will then only see the headers of your e-mails. Only when you really open an e-mail, it’s contents will be downloaded.

Hi again, to do what you’re describing you either have to use your webmail or just as I described, you can only setup an account in eM Client, each time you do so some data has to be downloaded, eM Client by default only downloads the headers of emails and the body is automatically downloaded after you open the message.
But you can not access your email without downloading it, that is simply not an existing feature for an email client.

Thank you for understanding,