Security profile for aliases of accounts: possible?

I am actually evaluating eM Client. Looks good so far, never the less I am wondering how to assign a security profile to an alias of an email address? I do have an alias that should be able to sign and encrypt mails. I have managed to assign security profiles to main accounts, but not aliases of main accounts.

Hi, first you have to set alias on your server settings, then in eM Client - Tools - Accounts - your account - General under “Aliases…”


Thanks for your answer. Never the less, my problem is not solved:
The aliases have been set up. My question is about assigning a SECURITY PROFILE to this alias. Since the alias is a different E-Mail address than the first E-Mail address of the account, one certificate for one account ist not enough.
I have set up german language:
Extras - Einstellungen - E-Mail - Zertifikate
does not show aliases of an account. Therefore I can’t assign a certificate to the alias. Any recommendations?


I was coming here to ask for the exact same question.  I have an alias for which I have a certificate so that I can digitaly sign emails with s/mime.  But I can’t find a way to assign a security profile to it.  Any way to do that?

Hi Sylvain, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, it’s a requested feature by several users and we’re currently considering adding it to future releases.
I hope you can manage to use the current setting, but at the moment it’s only possible to assign security profiles to setup accounts.

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Hey Paul,

would there be a possibility to get an update of the process in this matter?

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Hi Sunny, eM Client currently does not support this feature, we’re considering improving it for future releases, no release date has been set yet.

Thank you for understanding,

+1 for me to this feature. I want to replace my Thunderbird finaly.

Any update on this?