Security Issue? Forwarding automatically downloads external content

I just received a phishing email. Recognizing it as such, I did not click to download external content. However, when I clicked “forward” to send it to my bank’s fraud reporting service, all of the external content appeared in the forwarded message.

It seems to me this is (a) improper behavior, and (b) a potential security issue.

thank you for reporting this - we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Is it fixed? According to…

Hi, the topic you’re mentioning is not the same issue, however the issue from that topic has been fixed.

The issue mentioned in this topic is not actually an issue, since RW was forwarding an email, eM Client suspects the email is safe and displays the content.

You can avoid this by using “forward as an attachment”.

Thank you,

I just ran into this same issue. “Forward as Attachment” was not an option I would have considered under the circumstances, and my caution at not downloading the content prior to forwarding was in vain.
Assuming that forwarding emails is safe does not come across as prudent.