security for sending emails

I can’t get my emails to be sent securely (direct SSL). When I set the POP3 (995) and SMTP (465) ports, EMclient says there are no pgp certificates available, and when I run diagnostics, replaces the ports with 110 and 25 respectively. I host with Siteground, I’ve no idea about pgp, and when I use Pegasus, there’s no problem with Siteground’s port numbers.

The latter ports receive and send OK, but when sending, I get a message saying the email will be sent insecurely.
Does this also mean I receive insecurely? Please help.

Hi Jan,

The reason you get the notice about PGP is probably because you have the 3rd item ticked
in the section shown in the screenshot.

If you don’t use PGP ,the settings don’t come into play…

Do not use ports 110 and 25 - they are not secure

If you mean by the latter ports - 110 and 25 - yes, in that case you also receive
through an insecure port…

Secure ports are  POP 995  (IMAP  993) 
and for SMTP  587 (to a lesser extent 465  -meaning that this port is not used as much)

The reason Pegsus doesn’t show a warning or notification,
is that in Pegasus you didn’t involve PGP.

PGP is an extra layer of security and privacy involving Public and Private keys.
There are numerous articles about it .


Thanks, Peter, that helps a lot.