second imap account "sometimes" doesnt mark emails as read

I have 2 IMAP mail accounts setup on my em client on windows 10. When selecting emails, i prefer it marks them as read instantly (and have changed the settings to 0 to make it do this). On one account this happens easily and everytime. However on my second account, sometime messages just wont mark as read unless i right click and select “Mark as read”.  It seems random as to what messages it does this to, and sometimes will auto mark as read after sitting for a min or 2.
Also, it would be nice to select to not show error message popups when they happen. My IMAP servers love to refuse connections every once and a while while I’m not online and to have to close the error message long after its been resolved is a lil annoying.

Other than those 2 issues I am quite satisfied with your program. SOOO much better than windows 10 mail

Hello Daniel, you can disable the error window from showing automatically in the application settings, navigate to Tools > Settings > General and uncheck the option “Show window when an error occurs”. Regarding the mark as read issue, I’m not quite sure what is causing this, however eM Client can’t automatically mark messages as read unless the message is fully downloaded, so it’s quite possible this is due to the message not being downloaded, you should be able to avoid this by using the “Download messages for offline use” option, which automatically pre-downloads messages once they’re available on the server.