Second Exchange account duplicates first

Greetings all.

I’m trying out eM Client as a replacement for Outlook and Thunderbird/Exquilla. So far I’m loving it, but I have a huge problem.

I’m connecting to Exchange via EWS, and this works very well with one account. If I add a second account (same Exchange server but another e-mail address and different login credentials), it shows up in the folder list, apparently without error, but the entire folder structure, including all mail, is duplicated from the first account. The mail that is actually in the second account on the Exchange server is not visible anywhere.

Does someone recognize this, or have a clue as to what could cause it? Still using the Demo version by the way, but if it were restricted to one account, then surely I should have gotten an error instead of this behaviour?

Hello Joakim,
this is indeed not a correct behaviour.
What version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you check the exact number in Help>About section please?


Thank you for your answer.

My version is 7.0.26055.0.

Best regards,

Hello Joakim,
please update to the RC version found on our blog and see if the issue persists when you try to set up the accounts again.


I just updated per your suggestion, and now it works perfectly. Such a simple solution, I should have thought about it myself!

Thank you for a great product.

Hello Joakim,
no problem, I’m glad the issue has been resolved :slight_smile:



I have exactly the same behaviour with version : 7.0.27943.0

Is there an explanation or a fix to this issue?

I downloaded eM client yesterday for the first time and am having the same problem. Is there a fix?

Which version are you using? You will find the info in Menu > Help > About

Hello Jacqui,
are both of the accounts using the Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication, perhaps? If that is the case both are connecting to one account which is logged in your Windows profile.
Make sure to change the login to manual and add the correct Authentication details in Menu>Tools>Accounts.

I have the same problem. The version is 7.1.32088.0.  I ́m not using SSO on the second account.

The first account is mine, the second is of my department. Is there how to use SSO to acess the second account as it works on outlook?
My user has permission to access the second account.