Second eMail address in one eMail Account?

Hi, at first it’s a really amazing mail client to sync gmail.
I’ve got a question; is it possible to send emails from different email address like in the web client from gmail?
for example; I log with my account in gmail, and then I send an eMail with another eMail address like
Is this in eM Client possible?

In the first place open your Gmail account settings in a browser, tab Accounts and Import. Click “Add another address you own” and add Now you can set this Alias in eM Client: Tools - Accounts - choose, click Aliases and fill in

I have done this - and when sending from Gmail browser it works fine to select the correct alias. for some reason the second alias I added is not showing up on the list in eMail Accounts?


if it works on gmail web interface, have you followed steps written by my colleague including setting alias itself in Tools - Account - your account - General tab - Aliases… ?