Searching Whole Account Tree

One little tweak that would be very convenient to me…

If you click in the top of each account tree and then go to search it would be nice if all the folders in the account tree would be searched.


Or, you could just use the option the search box that does exactly that.


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Perfect. Found it now. Actually there are some neat features there that I will use. One option that I have been looking for - and possibly not so easy to implement - is to be able to search not only all folders, but all accounts (and folders). I have some public accounts and some private accounts and quite often I need to search multiple accounts for a specific content. A show “Account” option is not a column option for now.

Oh, and in your reply above, I think you means to suggest ticking “All folders” and not "Current Folder and Subfolders) as this will only account the current folder and folders within that folder.

Thank you !

You asked about searching in the account’s folders after clicking the account in the folder list. So when you select the WEB account and want to search all its folders, then the option I gave is correct.

Otherwise why would you be clicking on WEB? Why would clicking on just that account need a context option to search all accounts?

Ok, fair. So what is “All folders” used for? Is there also a way to search “all folders in all accounts”?

Yes, All Folders means just that. All folders. So irrespective of the account you are in, it will search every folder for every account, including Local Folders.

When you want to search in only the account you have selected, so WEB, or just a subset, then you use the Current folder and subfolders.

Thanks Gary. All good now. Getting to grips with eMc and starting to be a power user. What about searching everywhere?