Searching exported e–mails

I have a very large e–mail folder (10+ years) that takes a very long time to backup. I’d like to export a lot of the older e–mails to reduce the backup time but I occasionally need to search old e–mails for business information.

How do I search exported files quickly and easily?

Once you have exported the messages, and then deleted them from eM Client, you will not be able to use eM Client to search through them.

You might be able to find some utility to search the exported files.

Thanks. Can anyone provide advice on suitable utilities?

eM Client exports the messages as eml files, so look for “eml search or viewer utilities”.

Thanks for your advice.

I’ve exported around 27 gb of e–mails. To my surprise the size of the my e–mail profile folder only decreased by about one gb after deleting the exported e–mails from the archive. Why hasn’t the size of the profile folder decreased by more?

Did you empty the Trash?

I did but I suspect not everything has been removed.

Did you restart eM Client?

Many times since deleting the exported e–mails.