Search/Virtual Folders: Exclude Mails

I would like to switch from Thunderbird to eM Client, however what
currently is holding me back is the (visible) limited Search/Virtual Folder
Capability to let me manage my Mails.
Is there an option to search for E-Mails which do fit a specific parameter and exclude them while others with another parameter are included?

Hi Michael, I believe you’re looking for Search folders, do you have Smart folders enabled?
If you don’t have smart folders enabled go to Tools > Settings > General and enable the option to show smart folders.

Then right click the smart folder and select Display > Search folders.

When you do this you can setup a new Search folder by right clicking the Search folder option.

You can also create a search folder by using the regular search field, and after you confirm your search criteriea click on the arrow in the search field and again select the option to “Create search folder”.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the response Paul.

However I already have the Smart and thus Search Folders enabled (edited my message after the First Post because I accidently wrote “Smart” instead of “Search”.

What I am missing is a way to have something like this:

If Subject contains “xyz” exclude it from Folder/Search (instead of include)

Hi Michael, this option is unfortunately not available using search folders.
Maybe in future releases.

Thank you,

Hopefully : )

Thank you for the suggestion and if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, let us know we’ll be happy to help.


Hi Paul, any chance there is an exclude option now in search?