Search through Folder-tree

When doing a move/copy of an item, we can search through all folders.
I would really appreciate when it will also be able to search through all folders in tree-view, to find/select a specific folder and quickly get whole content of that folder. This will make working with larger folder-structures way more efficient.
Thank you!

Yes agree. Even better (IMO) is a Go To Folder button to search and jump straight to the folder. Please add a button “Go To Folder” just like the button in the Simplyfile Outlook add-in. It’s just necessary for email users with hundreds of folders/labels. This scrolling is getting old! When added I’ll purchase for myself and try to convince my work to purchase licences. Until then emclient is “not there yet”.

@GaryP thank you for pointing me to Simplyfile Outlook add-in! I’ve searched for such thing long time, but appearantly my search-skills weren’t good enough.