Search the past

I’m new to eM and although the much of it I like, I’m now thinking I can’t use the calendar

I can see that over the years people have asked about searching for past events in the calendar, but it still doesn’t do it.

I’m going to mention the excellent, but no longer being developed, Calimanjaro again … it has a very good, simple search which enables me to find events easily and be able to click on the result.
See screenshot image

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To search events, go to the Calendar section of eM Client.

Type the text you want to search for in the Search Box.

But it doesn’t search the past …

When you see the results, what happens when you toggle the Hide Past button?

Well, well, well - I’ve seen a few mentions of that button, but everyone has replied that they haven’t got that button. Now you’ve added a screenshot, I can see what do do. Thank you.

My button was hidden and I’d actually looked in the Customize section and not spotted it !
I’d also searched in Help for Hide and Past and not found anything.

I think it might help if the default was to show the past rather than to hide it, but at least I now know it works :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think the very 1st time you search it is set to show past events but the button is “Sticky” so the next time you search it remembers whether it was pressed last time. I have never used that button and mine has always shown past events. As soon as I clicked it - it remembered despite exiting the application and going back in.

I only wish the zoom level was the same!!

Hello Paul23 - You might have been right … except I’d never noticed the button, it wasn’t on the screen, so I certainly couldn’t have clicked it. Therefore, I can only conclude that the default is for the past to be hidden.

As you mentioned zoom level, I just had a go for the first time. The level stuck even after I closed eM (to the system tray) and returned, BUT after I deleted an email from Agenda … the zoom level changed. Ah well - I’ll manage without zooming then …