Search still can't find emails from less than 2 weeks ago

Hello, I’ve tried the following:

Go to menu/tools/accounts and select the IMAP tab and check “Download messages for offfline use”

Search is still very bad in searching for any actual message. Is there any way to fix this? I try searching for a sender name and the results are nothing close to what I’m looking for. 

Can you post the syntax of your search?  Maybe we can help.  I actually find the search capabilities quite good.  One thing to note is that if you have “Show conversations in all views” selected the search results can be confusing-- but technically still accurate. 

hello, I tried checking off the all folders > subject, message, sender, body and it seems to be working better. thanks 

Good-- I tend to use the search box with keywords as this looks in all folders and is very quick and flexible.

Typing a ? in the search box will display all the keywords.